For Studio Borgerstein, an art atelier for people with disabilities I'm building a website that captures their unique atmosphere. The flow of creativity there is incomparable and is really inspiring.

The project is in its final sprints and will be launched soon!



This project is situated in a project for VRT, the public radio and television station. The challenge was to build a complementary product for Superbrein, a popular kidshow about science. So my partner in crime Robin and I build an amazing webapplication that held some really cool and scientific minigames

Go check it out!



Over & Weer is a concept for a weather app I created. The app shows you every morning how you'd best get dressed to get dry and hassle-free through your commuters day.

Try it out in Marvel to get the gist of it

mockup Over & Weer


This is an app design I made that shows you all the marvelous things that happened today through the years of our marvelous existence on this planet we call home.

Check it out in Marvel to see it yourself

mockup Today


What would autumn taste like as a beer, and how would it look like? With my design for Herfst, a Belgian bokbeer I give you my answers. In Herfst you'll find a nutty flavour thanks to hazelnuts and walnuts. Ginger will challenge your tongue and juniperberries will give it the typical bitterness of the 'bokbier'.

mockup Herfst